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How to use the writing tools

Follow this tutorial if you need help using the writing tools.

Type your starting text, up to 140 characters.

The tools to edit and expand your Telescopic Text will now appear.

Roll over any part of the interface and a hint will appear. To turn these hints off, click the yellow Hints button so that it turns grey. You can turn it back on by clicking it again.

Click a word and a textbox will appear for you to write new text into. You are now placing text “inside” the text that you clicked on. The text you clicked on is now shown in the little grey box above, and what you write in the textbox will go “inside” this container text.

You can simply add to the text that was previously there…

…or write different text.

Click “Cancel” if you’d rather not add anything inside this text. Or click “Add” to add the new text.

Now if you click “Fold”…

…you will see an expandable piece of text.

Click it to reveal the new text that you just added.

If you want to add text to more than one word at a time, you can ‘join’ words by clicking in the space between them, then clicking on either word to add more detail. You can join more than two words together. And if you want to break words apart again just click the space between them again.

If you want to read your Telescopic Text, click “Preview” to hide the writing tools…

..and click “Edit” to bring them back.

If you want to see the structure of your Telescopic Text, there are 3 icons at the bottom of the screen. One shows the structure, one shows both the structure and the text, and one just shows the text (normal view).

This is the structure view.

While viewing the structure, clicking “Empty” will highlight all expandable text in red (in the structure view only).

If you click any of these red pieces of text, you can ’empty’ them of their contents. This is the opposite to adding new text to a word, except you can remove large chunks of text at a time.

If you want to add a new paragraph to your Telescopic Text (useful if it gets quite long), you can do this by pressing SHIFT-RETURN or just RETURN (depending on your browser) while you are adding new text. The text will carry over to the next line. When you click “Add”, a new paragraph will be created.

That’s it!

Those are the basics of the Telescopic Text writing tools, which can be found here.